Grundfos 595916 UP15-10SU7P TLC Comfort Hot Water Recirculation Pump


Grundfos 595916 Comfort System Hot Water Recirculation Pump (UP15-10SU7PTLC)

  • Includes a pump, timer, 2 connect hoses, valve, and more
  • Features a built-in timer and line cord for efficiency
  • Easy to install with a standard tank-style water heater
  • No return line required
  • Installs in less than 1 hour
  • No electricity needed under the sink
  • Built-in timer and line cord
  • Uses less energy than a 25-Watt light bulb


Grundfos UP15-10SU7P TLC This quick and easy installation recirculator pump makes your hot water recirculation needs a snap. The Grundfos Comfort series uses the cold water supply line as the “return-line” to the water heater saving gallons of water every day. The Comfort system includes a Grundfos UP15-10SU7/TLC circulator and the revolutionary Comfort valve. The stainless steel circulator, complete with timer and 10-foot power cord, is installed directly to the hot water discharge on the water heater. The Comfort valve is installed under the sink at the fixture furthest from the water heater, and the system uses the existing cold water line to return hot water to the water heater. This innovative model prevents you from wasting water as you no longer have to wait for cold water to turn hot whenever you turn on the faucet. Hot water is always at hand because it continuously circulates from the hot water line to the cold water line and back to the hot water heater.


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Grundfos 595916 UP15-10SU7P TLC Comfort Hot Water Recirculation Pump